Thursday, 9 April 2009

Week 3: Overview

I will stop doing the white text from now on, just don't read it! ;)


After serving up lunches and canapes to hungry business professionals in last week's task, the candidates face another thorough workout in their third task as Sir Alan sets them the challenge to create a new piece of portable gym equipment.

The candidates must come up with a completely original product that tones and flexes muscles, and they must create a distinctive poster to promote their product's unique properties. Finally, they must demonstrate their pitching skills to three industry experts in the hope of securing orders. With just a couple of days to complete their task, who has the stamina to keep going, and who will fall at the first hurdle?

As ever, Nick and Margaret are there to keep a watchful eye on proceedings, and in the boardroom one more candidate finds themselves on the ropes as Sir Alan delivers the killer blow with the immortal words: 'You're Fired!'.

AGAIN, the wrong guy got fired. TWO WEEKS IN A ROW! I don't see how James made it, he said this week that he'll shove the critiscm fromlast week down the throats of the doubters (inc. me), and all he did was cock up! I do haveto admit Empire (the team that lost)'s product was better, but I guess no-one wants to buy it :(. Come on James, You know you're only here 'coz you makegood TV!
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