Saturday, 4 April 2009

Catchup: Week 2


After a punishing first task, there is no let-up for the candidates, as Sir Alan challenges them to set up a catering service for busy professionals in the City of London. In tough economic times, the teams must agree a distinctive identity to stand out from the competition and win new customers.

They have to pitch for lunchtime business in top City firms, and create appetizing new menus for a prestigious canapé reception which must be executed to perfection. As well as sourcing the ingredients, the teams must make, deliver and serve all the food themselves. But with hungry mouths to feed and picky clients in tow, it is not long before things go wrong in the kitchen and in the boardroom.

As ever, Nick and Margaret are there to keep a watchful eye on proceedings, and in the boardroom one more candidate finds themselves on the ropes as Sir Alan delivers the killer blow with the immortal words: 'You're Fired!'.


The girls won this time, after a sloppy performance from week 1, but SAS (Sir Alan Sugar) fired the wrong man! They only kept James 'coz he's good for TV... :(

Catch-up clip:

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